We build digital businesses

An AI focused venture builder with an entrepreneurial spirit

Who we are

Aykido is a venture builder created with the purpose of building and investing in Artificial Intelligence products and companies. We create our own products, we build products from scratch for our customers and we invest in businesses who share our vision to improve the quality of human life through AI.

Discovery &


All good products or services start with a strategy; a well thought out way to approach your target audience in the most efficient and effective way.

Design &


Bespoke build, tailored to the user and business objectives. We build, we test, we fix, we deploy, we monitor and we optimise. Continually.

Launch &


Your product is out in the world and in order to grow you need to find the growth drivers which work for it. It’s time to grow, evolve and deliver ROI.

Invest &


We work side-by-side with the best and most ambitious entrepreneurs from around the world and help them build transformative companies.

Our ventures

We partner with talented people to create, develop and invest in fast growing businesses in developed and emerging markets. We believe in delivering both shareholder and social value by building companies that contribute positively to society. 

Our clients

We team up with our customers to create meaningful digital experiences. Helping a startup launch their company or assisting a large corporate to shift strategy in a changing digital world.